Earth worm castings (Lombricomposta, Vermicomposta) biorganic fertilizer, light, crumble, odorless, not toxic.

Bioregulator of the ground and corrector of the same one. By its high solubilization due to the bacterial enzymatic composition its is quickly assimilated by the plants. It supplies Macro and Micro nutrients, incrementing the flowering and therefore increasing the size of the fruits. It's a natural biofertilizer.

Advantages over chemical fertilizers:

  • Regenerates the soil, does not mineralize it.
  • Contributes natural N. P. K.
  • Suppresses and avoid illneses
  • 100% assimilable by the plants
  • Not toxic, does not require special protective equipment
  • Does not burn neither the seeds (even in overdose)
  • PH neutral
  • Does not contaminate streams, rivers, aquiferous

Advantages over animal manure:

  • Does not transmit deseases
  • Does not smell badly
  • Does not required isolation the treated fields
  • Does not attract neither produce harmful insects
  • Retains humidity (to 6 times its weight)
  • Roll out of soils (disaggregates the clayish and adds the sandy)